OptoSci’s Photonics Educator Kits offer comprehensive and fully self-contained laboratory based educational kits for universities, colleges, education & training centres teaching: geometrical & physical optics, optical waveguiding, fiber optics, optical fibre components, fibre optic communications, BER, WDM systems, Bragg gratings, fibre amplifiers, lasers, OTDR, optical networks, fiber sensors, biophotonics, nanophotonics, etc.

Each OptoSci education kit saves the tutor significant course, literature and hardware development effort and includes:

  • all optoelectronic hardware required to perform the experimental programme
  • manuals to guide the students through the background theory and experiments
  • instructor’s manual with sample results and solutions for all experiments & exercises
  • a comprehensive set of background / lecture notes (with tutorial examples, design exercises and case studies plus solutions)


OptoSci’s photonics education packages:

  • Designed in collaboration with university academics
  • Cover core principles, key technologies & applications
  • Competitively priced with worldwide reference sites
  • Include all required optoelectronic hardware
  • Contain extensive teaching support package
  • Also used for Problem Based Learning labs

Education product

ED-OPTICS: Principles of Physical Optics:

The four modules in ED-OPTICS (polarisation, reflection and refraction, diffraction, interference & coherence) examine various topics in physical optics and …

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ED-WAVE: Principles of Optical Waveguiding

ED-WAVE investigates the conditions under which optical waveguiding occurs in dielectric media, and then explores how these fundamental principles are …

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ED-COM: Fibre Optic Communications

ED-COM covers the experimental characterisation of all the major components of a fibre optic communications link (i.e. LED and laser …

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BER(COM): Bit Error Rate & Eye Diagrams

The BER(COM) extension to ED-COM & ED-WDM allows the generation and evaluation of eye diagrams and investigation of the effects …

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ED-NET: Optical Network Analysis & OTDR:

ED-NET investigates the operation and characteristics of one of the key instruments used by optical communications engineers, the Optical Time …

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ED-AMP: Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers

ED-AMP allows full characterisation of the gain and noise performance of one of the key components in long distance optical …

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ED-LASE: Principles of Lasers

The ED-LASE kit allows detailed investigation of laser performance, output characteristics and dynamic response using a series of fibre ring …

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ED-WDM Series – WDM Components, WDM Systems and Bragg Gratings:

ED-WDM Series is a modular range of four kits investigating, analysing and characterising Wavelength Division Multiplex (WDM) components, Dense WDM …

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Combining OptoSci’s extensive range of educator kits with third party instrumentation we can also design and supply fully integrated teaching …