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BACKGROUND:Background information on the kits: product shortform, design philosophy, benefits and FAQs.PDF
SPECIFICATIONS:Full specification of all kits giving details of experimental investigation and all components supplied. Ideal for proposal preparation.DOC
SAMPLE STUDENT MANUAL:Copy of the full ED-COM student manual available for downloadPDF
Kit NameDescriptionDatasheetTable of Contents
Summary - All KitsEducator Kit - Shortform CataloguePDFPDF
ED-WAVE:Principles of Optical WaveguidingPDFPDF
ED-COM:Fibre Optic CommunicationsPDFPDF
ED-NET:Optical Network Analysis & OTDRsPDFPDF
ED-AMP:Erbium Doped Fibe Amplifiers (EDFAs)PDFPDF
LASE (Module):Fibre Laser Extension Module to ED-AMPPDFPDF
ED-LASE:Principles of LasersPDFPDF
ED-WDM:ED-WDM Series: WDM Components, WDM Systems & Bragg GratingsPDFPDF
R&R:Reflection & Refraction Module (part of ED-OPTICS)PDFPDF
POL:Optical Polarisation Module (part of ED-OPTICS)PDFPDF
DIFF:Optical Diffraction Module (part of ED-OPTICS)PDFPDF
I&C:Interference & Coherence Module (part of ED-OPTICS)PDFPDF