ED-WAVE: Principles of Optical Waveguiding


ED-WAVE investigates the conditions under which optical waveguiding occurs in dielectric media, and then explores how these fundamental principles are applied by examining mode propagation and characterising multimode and singlemode planar waveguides.

Experiments Examine:

  • Reflection & refraction
  • Brewster’s angle, critical angle & TIR
  • Step & graded index planar waveguides
  • Effective indices & index profile determination
  • Snell’s Law & Fresnel relationships
  • Prism coupling & waveguide measurements
  • Mode spectra & polarisation dependence
  • Design of single mode waveguides


Also available:

  • SWAN(MIC) – Software for Waveguide Analysis
  • FIB Ext – Fibre Basics (add-on to ED-WAVE)
  • R&R – Reflection & Refraction Module
  • WAVE – Optical Waveguiding Module