OptoMole® Gas Detection system being exhibited at LCNI 2017

This year the annual Low Carbon Networks and Innovation Conference is being held at the International Centre Telford on the 6th and 7th of December.

Cadent have invited OptoSci Ltd to exhibit our award winning  product on their booth. This mobile, all optical gas detection system rapidly locates mains gas ingress points in underground service cable ducts. It was designed and tested in collaboration with the UK’s Gas Distribution Network Companies including Cadent, Wales and West Utilities and Northern Gas Networks who are all currently deploying the first production units. Plans are now being established to equip many of the gas repair teams throughout the UK with this innovative new technology.

This is how it works. Methane escapes from leaking gas mains often find their way to the surface via underground utility ducts (telephone, CATV etc) where they are often reported to the gas utilities by the public. Locating the actual gas escape point is labour intensive and involves a number of excavations on public roads, footpaths, etc. causing transport disruption and incurring significant costs to repair and reinstate.

OptoMole® uses our innovative laser and fibre optic technology to generate real-time gas profiles in these utility ducts, rapidly highlighting gas ingress points and guiding the operator to the likely location of the mains gas leak. Also improving safety, the system has an all optical, inherently safe sensor with no spark risk. Using traditional methods, finding the leaks could  take up to 75% of the time involved with fixing a leak. OptoSci’s new product is therefore reducing the GDNs excavation and repair costs when finding and fixing the gas leaks under our streets.