OptoMole® presentation at the 69th GASG Colloquium, 7th December, London

Dr Douglas Walsh, General Manager of OptoSci Ltd, will be speaking at the forthcoming 69th GASG Colloquium. It is being held on Thursday 7th December at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, 2 Savoy Place, London. The following link will take you to the programme http://www.gasg.info/wp-content/uploads/next_meetings/GASG_69_flyer.pdf

Doug’s presentation takes place during the afternoon and is titled; OptoMole® – finding the gas leaks under our streets. OptoMole® is our award winning, mobile, all optical gas detection system that rapidly locates mains gas ingress points in underground service cable ducts. It was designed and tested in collaboration with the UK’s Gas Distribution Network Companies who are now deploying it, reducing their excavation and repair costs when finding the gas leaks under our streets.