OptoMole® presentation at the Yorkshire Gas Association Innovation Event – 11th January 2018

The meeting is being held in the Walton Suite at the Holiday Inn in Osset at Wakefield (Junction 40 on the M1 Motorway) on Thursday 11th January 2018. There are four presenters on the night including Doug Walsh, OptoSci’s General Manager who will be giving a presentation on our OptoMole® product. A buffet and refreshments will be available from 1700hrs for members and guests. The meeting starts at 1800hrs, when the President of the Association, Daryl Budworth with provide his welcome and introduction.

OptoMole® is our award winning, mobile, all optical gas detection system that rapidly locates mains gas ingress points in underground service cable ducts. It was designed and tested in collaboration with the UK’s Gas Distribution Network Companies who are now deploying it, reducing their excavation and repair costs when finding the gas leaks under our streets.