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Photonics Educator Kits for Universities, Colleges, Education & Training Centres. World class, comprehensive and fully self-contained laboratory based educational kits. Geometrical & physical optics, optical waveguiding, fibre optics and components, fibre optic communications, BER, WDM systems, Bragg gratings, fibre amplifiers, lasers, OTDRs, optical networks, fibre sensors, biophotonics and nanophotonics


Optoelectronic Modules for Science and Industry. OptoSci Ltd designs and manufactures a range of high performance, competitively priced, standard, custom and OEM products. Our popular range of microprocessor controlled laser driver modules provides a versatile and user friendly platform for stable current and TEC control of laser diodes, SOAs, SLDs, and pump lasers


OptoSniff® and OptoMole® our innovative Fibre Optic Gas Detection Systems use our inherently safe optical technology. They offer significant performance improvements and have many advantages over existing gas detection techniques, including substantial cost savings.

Please use this link to our Gas Detection Site

  • waveguide
    Educator Kits - Optical Waveguiding
  • fibre optic comms
    Educator Kits - Fibre Optic Communications
  • Erbuim Doped Fibre Amplifiers, EDFA
    Educator Kits - Optical Amplifiers
  • Eye Diagrams, BER
    Educator Kits - Bit Error Rate Measurement
  • laser driver
    Optoelectronic Modules - Laser Drivers

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