OptoSci provides a range of low noise photoreceivers for general laboratory use. Custom and OEM versions are also available.

The LNP2 photoreceiver family offers high gain and low noise equivalent power to guarantee a very high sensitivity front-end for optical systems and provides separate AC and DC coupled outputs. These characteristics ensure that the LNP2 photoreceivers are particularly suitable for experiments with low optical power levels, though they can be equally well employed for CW input optical powers up to 2mW. Other applications include direct detection, feedback control systems and lock-in detection.

Photoreceivers – Standard Features

  • Transimpedance Gain adjustable from 103V/A to 108V/A
  • Additional AC coupled Gain stage from 1 to 1000
  • Separate AC and DC coupled output
  • CW input power 0.75pW – 2mW
  • Low NEP at maximum Gain
  • Bandwidth from DC up to 1MHz

Customer specified photodiode options